Psychological & Behavioral Services Department

Director: Mark E. Wildmon, Ph.D.; LSP

Contact Information:
Phone: 662-513-7825

The Psychology & Behavioral Services Department provides comprehensive psychological services to individuals served under NMRC's ICF/MR licensure, both on the main campus and in 23 community homes located throughout the 32 county catchment area. The PBS Department employs doctoral level psychologists and behavioral specialists, master level psychologists and behavior specialists, and bachelor level psychology technicians, a store manager, and a secretary. Working closely with the University of Mississippi and Mississippi State University, supervised internships, practicums, and various other on-site training opportunities are offered through this department. Operating from an Applied Behavior Analysis perspective with emphasis on Positive Psychology practices, the PBS department's mission is to enable the individuals served by NMRC to achieve their greatest level of independence. This is accomplished through conducting annual assessments to determine appropriate psychological and behavioral services for each individual served.

All persons enrolled at NMRC have the opportunity and are encouraged to participate in activities to enhance social interaction, social skills, and basic positive behavior through basic reinforcement programming. Approximately 54% of the individuals served at the NMRC main campus and community homes receive formalized behavior change programming geared toward promoting and teaching appropriate behavior through the use of replacement behaviors and positive reinforcement. Functional Behavior Assessments are conducted on challenging behaviors to determine the purpose of those behaviors in order to develop appropriate programming. The Psychological and Behavioral Services Department conducts reinforcer assessments, preference assessments, and intense functional analysis of severe challenging behaviors.

The Department also operates the Canteen and the Hub which are used as basic reinforcement tools to promote positive behavior and reinforce appropriate behavior. The Canteen serves as an area where teachers can bring students for reinforcement for classroom work or for behaviors exhibited while working on educational objectives. The Hub serves as a reinforcement area that includes video games, TV, music, puzzles, activities, meal-mates and as a general area for individuals to just "hang out" with friends.

The Psychology & Behavioral Services Department strives to uphold the NMRC mission statement of enhancing abilities and promoting independence of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities by identifying meaningful activities and developing programming to promote success and community integration for every person we serve.